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Hello and welcome

About Austin Shippey

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Austin Shippey is a witch, author, and magician practicing, exploring, writing, and speaking about magic of the past and the present. 

Austin’s involvement with witchcraft began in his early teenage years, culminating in initiation into the Alexandrian tradition. His work serves the Old Gods and the many Initiates seeking a higher fulfillment of the soul through the magic and mysteries of life. Continuing in the practice of a living witchcraft tradition and reanimating the methods of forgotten folk magic are Austin’s magical passions, which he pursues with one foot in this world and another in the world of the spirit.

"As a witch I have stood in the light of the evasive shadows of the Mysteries of life which must be deeply experienced to understand. I have helped many people improve their lives and attain blessings, aid, and clarity through my magical knowledge and abilities. Like the witches of old I have drank from the cauldron of inspiration and drawn the moon itself down from the starry sky. I have felt magic. It is my hope through speaking and writing, and through an honest presence as a public figure, that I can bring truth and beauty to a world where magic is often forgotten."

On this website you will find pages containing my writings, thoughts, books, and a peek into the wonderful magical life I live. Thank you for visiting, and be sure to follow me on any social media you use. 


Austin Shippey