Curse Breaking

Breaking a Curse

No one wants to be under the influence of a curse, yet without proper magical protection, many people find themselves under the influence of a vengeful magical practitioner and over their heads in misfortune, bad luck, restless sleep, nightmares, and even physical illness. Although it tends to happen less often than most people think, curses are thrown at people; I've been the target myself, so I know it happens. 

What will happen if you believe you've been under the influence of a magical attack, and a case is opened with me to get rid of it? There are two ways I go about breaking a curse:

1. Gather information about the situation through a consultation and divination

2. Set up proper defenses to help absorb the energy of the curse

This is the way cunning folk and countless other magical practitioners have gone about breaking curses for hundreds of years, and it has proven the test of time as effective. Still; today we're dealing with dozens of popular branches of magic and  skill levels of the curser, and further steps may need to be taken. So I'm prepared to take further action if need be, in order to help a client gain freedom from an oppressive act of magic.