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New season, new Mysteries. Although witchcraft is a fertility religion, there are times where we must delve into the mysteries of death and rebirth. The cold seasons and the greater sabbats of Halloween and Candlemas are a time when the leaves on the trees die, snow begins to fall, and the world becomes a little darker. This is a time where earth’s mortality shows, but this mortality is what keeps the cycles of life going. It is an old saying that if witches stopped doing their seasonal rituals, the sun and moon would no longer rise and the world would stop. 

“Queen of the Moon, Queen of the Stars, Queen of the Horns, Queen of the Forests, Queen of the Earth, bring to us the Child of Promise!

For it is the Great Mother who gives birth to him; it is the Lord of Life who is born again. Darkness and tears are set aside, when the Sun comes up again.

Golden Sun of the hill and mountain, illumine the world, illumine the seas, illumine the rivers, illumine us all!

Grief be laid and joy be raised, blessed be the Great Mother!

Without beginning, without end, everlasting to eternity.”

by Austin Shippey