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A Magician's Blog

To Summon The Spirits

Fast and pray for at least the day of the ritual.

Before the ritual, take a bath and dress in robe & pentacle of protection.

    Adoration at the bath: Thou shalt purge me with hyssop, O Lord! and I shall be clean: Thou shalt wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.

    Purity in thought before entering circle: O Lord all powerful, eternal God and father of all creatures, shed upon me the divine influence of thy mercy, for I am thy creature. I beseech thee to defend me from mine enemies, and to confirm in me true and steadfast faith.

Exorcise candles:

    I exorcise thee, O creature of wax, by those who alone hath created all things by their word, and by the virtue of all that is holy truth, that that thou cast out from thee every phantasm, perversion, and deceit of the enemy, and may the virtue and power of the Gods enter into thee, so that thou mayest give us light, and chase far from us all fear or terror.

    When thou shalt wish to kindle the candles thou shalt say: I exorcise thee, O creature of fire, in the name of the powerful God and the Gentle Goddess, by their ineffable names which are CERNUNNOS and ARADIA, that thou mayest enlighten the heart of all spirits within this circle, so that they may appear before us and communicate without fraud, and deceit, through him and her who hath created all things through love and truth.

Cast/trace triangle and circle with magical weapon.

Recite banishing prayer, cleanse circle with water and incense.

    When we enter herein, with all humility, let God and Goddess, the mighty ones, enter into this place, by the entrance of an eternal happiness, of a divine prosperity, of a perfect joy, of an abundant charity, and of an eternal salutation. Let all the demons fly from this circle, especially those who are opposed unto this work, and let the angels of peace assist and protect this place and persons within, from which let all discord and strife fly and depart. Magnify and extend upon us, O holy Lord and Lady, thy most holy names, and bless our conversation and assembly. Sanctify, O God and Goddess, our humble entry herein, thou blessed and holy ones of the eternal ages! AMEN.

Invoke watchtowers and gods to guard and protect the circle.

At the altar in center prepare the pentacle on parchment then sprinkle and cense it.

Place the pentacle into the triangle on the outside of the circle.

Call out the invocation until the spirit manifests.

    Conjuration to call forth any of the spirits: I do invocate and conjure thee, O Spirit, (Name) and being with power armed from the SUPREME MAJESTY, I do strongly command thee! And being armed with power from the SUPREME MAJESTY, I do strongly command thee, by him who spake and it was done, and unto whom all creatures be obedient. Also I, being made after the image of the GODS, endued with power from GOD and GODDESS, do exorcise thee by that most mighty and powerful names of THE GODS, beautiful and strong, severe and merciful, powerful and compassionate; O thou Spirit (Name). And I command thee by ABRACADABRA as I speak the word and my will be accomplished, and by all the names of the Gods. Also by the names ADONAI, EL, ELOHIM, ELOHI, EHEYEH, IAH, TETRAGRAMMATON, SHADDAI, LORD GOD MOST HIGH, ARADIA, KERNUNNOS, AND DIANA, I do exorcise thee and do powerfully command thee, O thou spirit (Name)! that thou dost forthwith appear unto me here before this circle in a fair and human shape, without any deformity or tortuosity. And by this ineffable name, TETRAGRAMMATON JEHOVAH, do I command thee, at the which being heard the elements are overthrown, the air is shaken, the sea runneth back, the fire is quenched, the earth trembleth, and all the hosts of the celestials, terrestrials, and infernals, do tremble together, and are troubled and confounded. Wherefore come thou, O Spirit (Name) forthwith, and without delay, from any or all parts of the world wherever thou mayest be, and make rational answers unto all things that I shall demand of thee!Come thou peaceably, visibly, and affably, now, and without delay, manifesting that which I shall desire. For thou art conjured by the name of the LIVING and TRUE GOD, THE ALL KNOWING AND ALL LOVING MOTHER GODDESS, wherefore fulfill thou my commands, and persist thou therein unto the end, and according unto mine interest, visibly and affably speaking unto me with a voice clear and intelligible without any ambiguity!

(Repeat this conjuration three times. If the spirit come not yet, say the second conjuration)

    Second Conjuration: I do invocate, conjure, and command thee, O thou spirit (Name), to appear and to show thyself visibly unto me before this circle in fair and comely shape, without any deformity or tortuosity; by the name and in the name TETRAGRAMMATON ELOHIM, which Adam heard and spake; and by the name of GOD, and by the name ZABAOTH, which Moses named and all the rivers were turned into blood; and by the name ELION, which Moses named, and there was great hail such as had not been since the beginning of the world; and by the name ADONAI, which Moses named, and there came up locusts, which appeared upon the whole land, and devoured all which the hail had left; and by the name ALPHA and OMEGA, which Daniel named, and destroyed Bel, and slew the Dragon; and by the name HAGIOS; and by the SEAL OF ADONI; and by these three secret names, AGLA, ON, TETRAGRAMMATON, do I adjure and constrain thee. And by these names, and by all the other names of the LIVING and TRUE GOD, the LORD ALMIGHTY, I do exorcise and command thee, O spirit (Name), even by Him who spake the word and it was done, and to the God and Goddess who hath created and sprung forth all the life of the earth, and to whom all creatures are obedient; and by the dreadful judgments of GOD; and by the uncertain Sea of Glass, which is before the DIVINE MAJESTY, mighty and powerful; by the four beasts before the throne, having eyes before and behind; by the fire round about the throne; by the holy angels of Heaven; and by the mighty wisdom of GOD; I do potently exorcise thee, that thou appearest here before this Circle, to fulfill my will in all things which shall seem good unto me. Wherefore thou shalt make faithful answers unto all my demands, O spirit (Name), and shalt perform all my desires so far as in thine office thou art capable hereof. Wherefore, come thou, visibly, peaceably, and affably, NOW! without delay, to manifest that which I desire, speaking with a clear and perfect voice, intelligibly, and to mine understanding!

(Repeat this conjuration three times. If the spirit doesn’t appear, give the license to depart. But surely the spirit WILL appear!)

Speak the Welcome unto the Spirit. 

    Welcome, O spirit (Name)! I say thou are welcome because I have called thee through the Gods who have created heaven and earth and all that is in them contained, and because also thou has obeyed the will of God and mine own will by appearing here now. By that same power by the which I have called thee forth I bind thee for a time that thou remain affably and visibly here before this circle and within this triangle, so long as I shall have occasion for thy presence, and not to depart without my liscnese until thou hast duly and faithfully performed my will without any falsity. (Then point your weapon at the triangle and say,) By the power of the Gods have I called thee! Give unto me a true answer!

    (Now state your desire and ask questions. Receive conversation and come to an agreement.)





When conversation is done give the spirit the License to Depart. 

O THOU Spirit (Name), because thou hast diligently answered unto my, demands, and hast been very ready and willing to come at my call, I do here license thee to depart unto thy proper place; without causing harm or danger unto man or beast. Depart, then, I say, and be thou very ready to come at my call, being duly exorcised and conjured by the sacred rites of magic. I charge thee to withdraw peaceably and quietly, and the peace of GOD and GODDESS be ever continued between thee and me! AMEN!

When the spirit has gone, say a prayer of thanks to the gods for their protection and aid.

Dismiss the circle, gods, and watchtowers.

Recite banishing prayer

Herein, with all humility, let thou powerful God and thou gentle Goddess enter into this space, by the entrance of an eternal happiness, of a divine prosperity, of a perfect joy, of an abundant charity, and of an eternal salutation. Let all demons fly from this place, especially those who are opposed unto this work, and let the Angels of Peace assist and protect this space, from which let discord and strife fly and depart. Magnify and extend upon us, O Lord our God, O Lady our Goddess our humble entry herein, Thou the Blessed and Holy One of the Eternal Ages. Amen.

by Austin Shippey