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Ancient Pages

In ancient days, upon stone tablets and on cave walls, the knowledge of magic was recorded in the hope that these ancient secrets would not be lost. Yet in time empires fell, libraries burnt to the ground, and men destroyed books and tablets to erase their existence from history; yet through it all survived fragments of the ancient knowledge. The old grimoires purport to give the reader power over powerful spirits, the ability to gain love and find hidden treasure, even the ability to subdue the demonic legions themselves, armed with the power of God. 

In delving into the ancient pages of the grimoires we will learn of the methods magicians have used since time immemorial to summon angels, demons, and even the devil himself. We will learn of dark diabolic magic and necromancy. We will learn of Angelic magic and the mysterious Enochian language. We will learn of the legendary Keys of Solomon, and even delve into the more modern “American grimoires.” We will learn of the magical wands and weapons employed by the historic magicians. We will also learn of the methods of magical self defense to be used in protection against the darker forces of the universe. At the end of the class we will create and consecrate pentacles from the Key of Solomon to use in obtaining many types of magical desires. 

These ancient books are a link to a timeless and infinitely powerful magic, knowable to those brave enough to delve into the ancient pages and uncover the secrets of the grimoires. 


by Austin Shippey