The Earth Element

The Earth Element

It is more important than ever for each of us to be conscious about the Earth we live on. For this reason I am working to focus my business on green, renewable resources, and giving back.

In discovering what I feel passionate about I have decided that 15% of all profit that comes through my shop will go toward helping California recover from wildfires. For every dollar that is donated, one tree will be planted by the National Forest Foundation, which is truly doing great work in keeping California’s beautiful forests green, thriving, and healthy. Please check out their site, and donate if you can. This shop, so far, is responsible for over 160 trees!

The clothing I’m proud to offer is printed with eco-friendly, water-based ink which reduces waste compared to more traditional inks. Customized garments such as crop tops and all-over prints are cut and sewn by hand. Much of my packaging is recyclable and compostable, and all plastics are made with at least 25% recycled or post-consumer material.

I am also proud to add that all of the energy that goes into hosting this website is Green-e certified renewable and TerraPass certified carbon-balanced.