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Strange World of the Occult

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Austin Shippey is a priest, witch, and magician exploring the magic of the past and the present. His work serves the Old Gods and the many seekers craving a higher fulfillment of the soul through the magic and mysteries of life. 

 As a witch I have glimpsed the hidden light within the shadows of the mysteries of the universe. Like the witches of old I have drank from the cauldron of inspiration and drawn the moon itself down from the starry sky. I feel, live, and dance with the magic that I create. It is my goal that through my passion as a public presence I can present truth and beauty to a world where magic is often feared or forgotten.

On this website you will find pages containing my writing, thoughts, art, books, and a peek into the wonderful, fabulous magical life I live. Thank you for visiting.


Austin Shippey